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Hello and a very warm welcome


I am so happy you found my website! I am Kerstin Joost and live in Switzerland. I am originally from Germany, born in Hamburg, but I love the English language and I am delighted to offer some online seminars in English, too.

I am a qualified teacher of the Diana Cooper School of White Light and hold web-seminars about spiritual topics including Angels, Unicorns, Transform your Life, Lemurian Planetary Healing and Golden Atlantis. In my capacity as a medical doctor and homoeopath, I love to combine spirituality and medicine together. Diana Cooper recently invited me to take part in her Unicorn Documentary in January 2020, in which I was asked to guide a participant through a Unicorn healing meditation. It was such joy to take part in this healing which offered the recipient a profound life-changing experience. The trailer for this documentary is coming soon and I am excited to share it with you. It is my wish that the film will inspire many to discover the beautiful healing presence of the Unicorns and to connect with them. The magical energy of these heavenly beings has made a huge impression on my life and I am passionate about helping others to experience this too. I also offer other events in English - so if you live in Switzerland it would be lovely to welcome you to any of my holistic health and lifestyle workshops or to my Diana Cooper Golden Atlantis Teacher Training seminars. Why not bring along some of your friends and I will gladly organise an event in English.


I am also very exciting to announce the release of my autobiographic novel ‘Sri Lanka Calling’ which will be available in German and English this autumn. I felt a deep longing to travel to this beautiful island, like a magnet I felt drawn to go and live there. Once my dream became a reality I experienced one obstacle and hardship after the other. Diana calls this time in my life an ‘initiation’, a seemingly difficult and painful episode in my life that helped me to grow and expand spiritually.

In hindsight this is how it felt - and with my book, I like to inspire people to find sustenance and comfort in difficult and trying situations. From a higher perspective - we remember that we all came to this planet to learn. There are no mistakes, only experiences and growth. I want to encourage others to rise again after they stumbled and fell, and to know that we are never alone with all our personal problems. There is a divine plan for everyone and we are always surrounded by heavenly helpers and beautiful light beings of the spirit world support us on life’s journey. All we need to do is ask for their help. As Lorna Byrne likes to say: “There are so many unemployed angels around us, let’s give them some work!” And may I add: “And Unicorns too”!


If you require support please feel free to drop me an email. I offer holistic health and wellness as well as lifestyle coaching sessions in German and English via Skype, Zoom or Messenger and I look forward to connecting with you.

With love, Dr. Kerstin Joost

Online Workshops in English: at the moment I am not planning to give more classes for groups in English - maybe again in 2021. You are invited to book your personal unicorn session with me!

To book your personal unicorn session I thank you to pay 160 Swiss Francs by using this button (jetzt kaufen = buy now). Please send me an email to make an appointment for our Zoom meeting. You will get a recording of your magical journey.


Meet your personal unicorn


Unicorn Coaching and Healing Session on Zoom

In this unique guidance session we meet online on Zoom, where you are given the opportunity to tell me about your current life issues and questions. We will use the powerful unicorn cards to help uncover the messages the unicorns have for you. Next, I will take you on an Inner Journey, where you meet your very own unicorn and receive a personalised energy treatment. Become inspired – receive the guidance you've been waiting for to move you forward on your path. Finally, we look at how you want to continue in the future - what you want to change to achieve your goals.

Enjoy your personal session full of magic, laser-focused on what you need right now to make your heart sing. Our session will be recorded (optional) so that you can rewatch your healing treatment, cards and all the tips again any time you need.

If this resonates with you, or if you have a question, please email me. This unique personal session costs 160 CHF (which is approx. 145 € or 175 US Dollars or 125 GBP)

I am really touched by this testimonial from Pat from Michigan /USA - thanks a lot


Hi Kerstin,

I absolutely loved the last unicorn workshop and think of your two recordings now as my way to access a highest vibration when I am wanting clearer energy. Several times I have called the unicorns in while I was doing healing work and there were many of them instantly all around me.  

I loved the explanations of the different dimensions last month. That was most informative.  Your mediation channels are absolutely fantastic with the most wonderful, happy energy.  I only have to look at the energy you pour forth as your zoom session begins and I begin to smile and feel much happier.  It is like a very special place you can go where there is almost a permission or a secret code to just be in the energy of great happiness.  I can’t really put it all into words, but what a wonderful joy for me to know that I can be at this energy periodically.  And I know that more time spent here will help me expand into this energy more.

Thank you so very much for all you are presenting.  In great gratitude,  Pat


Testimonial from Susan Browne, who booked this unicorn coaching session with me:


I got in touch with Kerstin for some help on clearing a block that I suspected was getting in the way of my manifesting my heart's desire. We met on Zoom and right away I knew I was in good hands. Kerstin has a very warm and open disposition and I could tell she was very genuine and ready to help. After discussing the issue and how it was showing up, we used cards to gain more clarity on what spirit wants me to know at the moment. I was able to see that I needed to forgive myself and others from the past and to embody the thing I was manifesting now instead of playing a tug of war and striving to bring it to me. It also affirmed what I knew about releasing clutter, as I was feeling somewhat cluttered in my home. 


Next, we went on a journey to meet my unicorn in a magical forest. Here I was able to fully relax and receive messages of my own. Cords that had held me stuck in the past were severed with love and transmuted into light. I was guided to use an affirmation and to balance my masculine and feminine energies and play more. I had been far too serious at times and stuck in doing-mode. I received answers and guidance on my questions that were very helpful. That evening I found myself easily decluttering things I had long held on to and tidying my living space. I had more energy and a sense of joy about the wonderful things I'm already experiencing as well as feeling excited about manifesting. I highly recommend working with Kerstin. 



Susan Browne www.angeleft.com 

Healy - frequencies for your health and wellbeing

From Caroline Palmy`s November Newsletter, with many thanks. More infos about the HEALY will be on my website within the next days. If you are interested to feel the frequencies and have a test treatment, please send me an email: kontakt@kerstinjoost.com


Healy Magic with my dear Soul Sister Kerstin Joost

I met Kerstin years ago during an Angel Course, she is originally from Germany, now living in Switzerland. She is a fellow author, and has just published the german version of her book (the english one is to come in January) sharing about her soul journey in Sri Lanka. An amazing book, full of heart and soul. 

I recently had a session with her and her healy magic. I was amazed at how good I could feel the energy of healy. One of the frequency was deep in my body and another one was then more in my energy field. I love how far technology has come. A tiny machine able to sense what we need, of course with Kerstin's gorgeous guidance. It can help you to boost your immune system, or any other areas of your health you would love to have support in. Link to Caroline`s website 



Dr. Kerstin Joost Signs Publishing Deal with That Guy's House!


Born in Germany, Dr. Kerstin Joost earned her PhD in medicine in Hamburg and then went to Switzerland to live with her future husband. It only took her a few years to realize that she did not feel at home in academic medicine – and that she could not adapt to a life in the Swiss mountains either. During an intense phase of suffering, she was guided to travel to Sri Lanka and take ayurvedic treatments. Kerstin immediately fell in love with the local people, their open smiles and shining eyes, and felt that she belonged there.

“Please Buddha, help me to find a way to live in Sri Lanka! It feels like home to me!” Every time Kerstin would spend time on this tropical island, she would send these prayers to the heavens, and offer lotus flowers, to make her wish come true. When she was offered a job in an ayurvedic hotel it seemed like her prayers had been answered. The time that followed brought deep emotions, a lot of confusion and felt more like a nightmare. Today, she embraces this painful episode as an initiation on her life path.


Sri Lanka Calling is an autobiographic novel about Kerstin's life. Being highly sensitive, she got deeply hurt when she opened her heart in the search for approval and love. Not willing to spend the rest of her life in victim mode, she rose from the ashes of her life and started from scratch. Practicing forgiveness helped her to heal and start a new life as a spiritual teacher and coach.

With her book, Kerstin wants to inspire people to not judge themselves, but to see all experiences from a higher perspective, and as a chance to grow. She teaches that we are all guided on our way to the light and there are no failures, only experiences! Through this, Kerstin finally found home – which is the peace and light inside her. She then succeeded in writing an inspiring book with a tropical breeze and the light smell of curry.


That Guy's House is thrilled to have Kerstin signing with us, and cannot wait for her teachings on how to refrain from judgement and learn to grow through forgiveness and healing. Welcome aboard Kerstin! 


My book will be published in January 2021 - I am so thrilled about that, cannot wait.

How unicorns fulfil your wishes

Once again I was allowed to experience something very funny and magical at the same time, and I really want to share this with you. On a beautiful summer day, I decided to record some videos for my website. I give webinars about unicorns and was looking for a suitable location to capture their magic and draw attention to my events. I remembered a forest where there was a stream flowing through and where I had the feeling that many elemental beings lived. So I went on an excursion and soon found a beautiful place to record my videos.

There was hardly anyone around and I enjoyed the deep peace and beauty of the forest. Only the gurgling of the stream and the singing of the birds could be heard. Again and again, I looked around and wished with all my heart that I could see the unicorns. “Please, unicorns, show yourselves, let me see you!” I felt their presence, but I could not see them. Still, I felt richly endowed and enjoyed the walk.

Later, when I was on the train, I opened the picture gallery on my smartphone. I saw an overview of my many videos and photos…and there was something else! I found a photo of a unicorn among the nature shots! It was a GIF that a friend had sent me via WhatsApp – exactly while I was taking pictures. It had joined the series of my photos in such a way that it looked as if it was looking straight at me from the forest. I had to laugh out loud and was deeply touched by the ingenuity of these magical beings! I had made a wish and they had fulfilled it – in their own creative way. I hope you enjoy the screenshot of this miracle as much as I do. (written by Kerstin for the teacher`s newsletter of the Diana Cooper School of White Light, July 2020)

From Diana Cooper`s Newsletter in November 2019


Orb of the month

When Kerstin Joost sent me this Orb I was overwhelmed. I couldn’t stop looking at it! Every Orb, in its very centre, has a connection to Source.  I have rarely seen this central core connection so clearly! 

It is like being drawn up through a vortex of Seraphim energy to Source.  Here is an exercise to help you to work with it.

1. Look at the Orb through half closed eyes.

2. After a while close your eyes and still see or imagine the Orb in front of you.

3. Know that angels are singing you I through the vortex.

4.You are moving through the angelic realms into the divine centre.                                                                                                                5.You may see a vision of this dimension or you may rest here for a moment.                                                                                                                                                                                                          6.This is a wonderful opportunity to offer a prayer to Source.